Life as a GRACE Intern: light floods the gallery

In filming David L. Knopp’s Metamorphosis, Gale Jamieson’s Circumference, and Diane C. Szczepaniak’s Folding Panels No. 2 and No. 3 I had to deal with the issues of light within the gallery during the installations.

Mostly in the mornings, each installation occurred as morning light flooded the front gallery windows.  The Flip Camera handled the light by creating large bursts of light that either blocked the artwork or created back-lighting resulting in the silhouette of the artwork and total loss of detail.  Like in the videos of Dalya Luttwak and Brent Crothers, I again turned to Leanna’s photographs when the video did not do the artwork justice.  I must fully give Leanna credit for her amazing photographs of every work in the exhibition.  Though she says its the high quality of her camera, the images would not be nearly as impressive be it not for her great eye.  My favorite images are that of Dickson Carroll’s Intersection. As I went over his footage I was so excited when I realized he went into the intricate mirror work of his piece, giving me the opportunity to use Leanna’s photographs to fully capture his ideas.


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