Life as a GRACE Intern: artist statement

I thought I was fairly skilled with creating video projects on my macbook.  However now that I have the final gallery-ready disc in my hands, my knowledge of recording, transferring, developing, editing, saving, importing, exporting, formatting, designing, finishing, refining, burning, and playing projects on the computer has grown immensely.

Having completed the first video of Mike Shaffer’s installation, I felt confident that I could complete the videos for the exhibit.  However each installation created individual and unique scenarios that required equally specific approaches in creating the videos.

As I created each video, my skills with iMovie increased.  I learned different tools to fine tune transitions between audio/video clips, enhance photo/video/audio quality, cropping video/photo segments, including titles/credits, etc.

The most important skill I’ve gained through creating these installation videos has been exporting the videos to be able to be played on external systems.  I have always had difficulty transferring projects from where I create them to locations that I can then make CDs or DVDs of them.  This difficulty remained in finalizing the videos for the gaps exhibition.  Yet after 2 failed discs, 3 incorrect formats, at least 5 solid hours of “estimated finish time,” a crash course in completely new software, and a near exploding CD drive, I successfully created a working DVD of all 11 artist installations.

This success is owed to my discovery of iDVD on my macbook.  Like so many of the applications on my macbook that I now use constantly, I have always known about iDVD but hadn’t really worked with the software.  And also like the other applications I use, I jumped into iDVD with my eyes closed…learning as I worked and can now say that I have a mildly basic understanding of how to use it.

The experience is the best part of these videos.  In creating them, not only have I witnessed the complete installation of a 23 piece exhibition, but have completely changed my understanding of the resources within my computer.  Unexpectedly my art-based internship has given me technical experience as well.

I like to consider the video my own entry into the gaps exhibition.  My artist’s statement? “These installation videos help bridge the gap between artist and audience in exposing the processes behind the showing of artwork as well as the gap between technological and artistic knowledge.”


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