An Inspired Artist Engages Students and Parents Alike

Doug Moulden describes his paintings as sculptural. His materials are simple, acrylic paints, plywood and syringes, but his method is totally unique.

“Acrylic paints are not just colors to be manipulated on the two-dimensional plane, but have physical properties such as plasticity and volume. I can use these properties to build up structure in space.” – artist statement, 2009

His works are as much about content as they are manipulating the medium. Doug’s unique painting style came to GRACE last November in a Focus exhibition with two other artists.

This past week at the summer art camp, Doug inspired the students with his unique method. The title of the course was aptly named “Everything But a Brush” since Doug prefers syringes in order to apply the paint and create three-dimensional visual spaces. A smaller class size of approximately 12 students ages 8-11 got to experience this technique first-hand as Doug discussed the properties of the paint and demonstrated his approach to painting a landscape.

I was able to attend the art show on Friday (at the end of each camp week, parents are invited into the classroom for an exhibition) and I was in awe of the students’ creations. Excitement filled the air and as the parents trickled in, they too were amazed at how this inspired artist, inspired their children.



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