InterAct with GRACE: creative partnership premiers this fall

For those who are regular visitors to GRACE, you have probably experienced a staged reading performance by the actors of the hub theatre.  We have experienced the lives of penguins and hawks in Central Park, witnessed the trials and triumphs of Big Love,  and journeyed with a young girl to the Chinese Land of the Dead in search of her brother.  Each performance has generated a rich dialogue between the contemporary art and the spoken and dramatic arts.  At times, the resonance of theme, image and word has been profoundly moving.

Now, it’s time to extend the experience to and engage with a family audience.

As part of the new TGIF: Free Friday program debuting this fall, creative drama workshops for children will be an integral part of each evening’s program.  With support from Target and Reston Community Center, we are able to initiate a partnership with InterAct Story Theatre, an organization celebrating its 30th season.   The evening program will focus on developing visual literacy and critical thinking skills for emergent readers using art, creative drama, and writing activities.  InterAct Story Theatre is the perfect partner in that their programs emphasize the same outcomes that GRACE defines as objectives as well.

The first TGIF: Free Friday program will take place on November 5 during Freya Grand‘s exhibition: Journey.

Come share in the drama at GRACE.

Suzi Guardia, Director of Education


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