creating an exhibition

Last week I tagged along with Joanne Bauer, GRACE‘s Director of Exhibitions, to visit artist Freya Grand at her Washington, DC studio. 

Joanne and Freya were determined to take a last critical look at all the work and finalize the exhibition, Journey.  Little did I know what would happen.  While the city street noise filtered in the studio windows, Joanne and Freya set to work.  Some paintings would be in the show because they had been featured by the local press and were already appearing in magazine articles and other media publicity.  Others had been chosen months earlier and had been photographed for the exhibition catalog, generously supported by both corporate and individual funders, and now at the printer.  Still others were new works that had never been shown before.  In the end, based on the layout of the gallery, there was room for only 18 large works.  Once the paintings that met the prior conditions had been determined, the time came for the hard decisions.  As Joanne said, only those which Freya truly loved, made the cut.  Many worthy works will be left out, but that’s all part of the exhibition creation process.  Don’t miss the artist talk and opening on Saturday, October 2 to see which paintings made it from the studio to the gallery walls.  There are also a host of programs that have been planned for adults and families to further your appreciation of the exhibition and allow for direct interaction with the artist.

Suzi Guardia, Director of Education


2 thoughts on “creating an exhibition

  1. The showcase of artwork chosen by media publicity, featured in the catalog, and new submissions should make for an interesting exhibition appealing to many gallery visitors! GRACE’s videos are great in showing the beginning processes of exhibiting artwork. From the selection of the art to the artist’s talk and unveiling of the layout of the gallery, these videos are unique tools for those interested in but unsure of how museums operate. I hope I’m able to make it to Freya’s talk and see the end result of what looks to be a fantastic exhibition!

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