Collector’s Choice 2010

Another successful Collector’s Choice fundraiser has come to a close and what a wonderful event it was. This year, GRACE again included the ‘first pick’ raffle as part of the afternoon.  Participants purchased additional raffle tickets (at a minimal price) to increase their chances of getting the first draw.  From my perspective as a first time attendee, this seemed to add to the excitement surrounding the auction and was a dynamic way to begin the proceedings.

Unsure what to expect as a first time “collector” and volunteer at Collector’s Choice, I went in with great expectations.  While interning over the summer I was privy to the art as it was donated and had participated in the installation of the works.  I began to feel a certain attachment to some of the paintings, photographs and extraordinary crafts. This access made my wish list decisions that much easier.  I had favorites and front-runners.  Upon arriving early in the afternoon, I could feel the energy as people walked around the gallery evaluating their choices and making last minute notes.  The tent was buzzing with excitement as the audience eagerly awaited their ticket number to be called out.  As the event wound down and folks gathered in the gallery to pick-up their works, I saw many smiles.  Amazingly, everyone ended up with a piece they wanted even if it wasn’t their first pick.  In fact, as luck would have it for the last number called, the ticket holder got her first pick!

This type of enthusiastic community participation was great to see and made evident the positive effect of GRACE on the Reston community.  I am proud to have participated in this fundraiser and cannot wait to hang the art work I chose to take home.

Leanna Gefrich


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