summer art camp enrollment open for members

New classes and New teachers!

This year we are excited to announce a brand new schedule of Summer Art Camp classes.  Your aspiring young artist will enjoy the fresh, enthusiastic faces of new instructors and delight in unique and stimulating activities that will fuel their imaginations for months to come.


Registration Information and Special Savings for Members

Registration begins today for GRACE members and February 15 for non-members.
Members will receive an additional 10% discount when you register for additional weeks of camp! This discount is applicable for an individual child who registers for more than one week of camp. This is not a sibling discount. Discount applies to the sessions selected after the initial week billed at the full rate.

Jun 27 – Jul 01
LogoStudents will create beautiful artwork inspired by the big blue sea.
Ages: K-3rd grades  9am-Noon

Students learn how to create a variety of sea creatures to create underwater adventures, mobiles and clay relief sculptures. Students will also create seascapes inspired by famous artists as well as lighthouses currently found in the United States.

Jul 05 – Jul 08
LogoPresidents, Prime Ministers and Princes have visited the White House and viewed the art in this most magnificent of all homes.
Ages: K-6th grades   9am-Noon

Presidents, Prime Ministers and Princes have visited the White House and viewed the art in this most magnificent of all homes. In this class, children will explore the techniques and materials of artists whose works are in the current White House collection. These artists include painters and sculptors such as Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, Frederic Remington, Alma Thomas, Georgia O`Keefe, Claude Monet, and Ed Ruscha. Perhaps, one day, a painting or sculpture of yours will be seen by future rulers and dignitaries.

Jul 11 – Jul 15
LogoWe create our own animal stories and turn them into spectacular puppet shows.
Ages: K-6th grades   9am-Noon

We are all familiar with Aesop`s determined Tortoise, who refused to give up and won the race against the speedy Hare. After an introduction to some classic fables and tales, campers will split into small groups and see just where their collective imaginations lead them. Once the stories are set, children will make fantastic puppets and design their own artistic sets. Finally, they will perform the shows to the delight of their families and friends.

Jul 18 – Jul 22
LogoIn this class you will practice drawing and inking skills to create your own comic book.

Ages: 3rd-6th grades   9am-Noon

Design your own characters and use techniques like long shots, camera angles and action sequences to tell a compelling story through pictures. Learn about visual and narrative flow, and the use of lighting and color to create mood. With each page you will create a dynamic comic book no one can put down!

Jul 25 – Jul 29
LogoIt’s back! And better than ever.
Ages: K-6th grades   9am-Noon

Kids will explore a variety of materials and methods as they let their creativity run wild. Each day will offer something new that parents would rather not take on at home (splatter paint, shaving cream, sequins!). Buckle up and start your imagination for this exciting, no-holds-barred week of extreme art.

Aug 01 – Aug 05
LogoStudents will be encouraged to think outside the box and consider what a self portrait means to them.
Ages: K-6th grades   9am-Noon

After learning the basics of facial proportion and traditional portraiture, students will experiment with material and create a wide variety of portraits based on famous works by artists like Van Gogh and Chuck Close.

Enroll Here!


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