aspiring cartoonists and graphic novelists

Do you have a child who has been fascinated by old school cartoons or modern graphic novels?  Is your child destined to design the next superhero, game villian, or animal monster?  If you answered “yes,” then Greater Reston Arts Center has the perfect way for him or her to spend a week this summer.

Sign up for The Comic Strip with Eric Piccione, a week long summer camp for children who have completed 3rd-6th grades.  During the week of July 18-22, from 9am to Noon, your child will practice drawing and inking skills to create his or her own comic book. Children will be instructed in the design of characters and use techniques like long shots, camera angles, and action sequences to tell a compelling story through pictures.  Participants will learn about visual and narrative flow, and the use of lighting and color to create mood.  With each page your child will create a dynamic comic book no one can put down!

Eric Piccione, instructor

Eric is an artist and animator working in the video game industry.  He has created characters and cinematics for such game developers as Sega, Activision and Electronic Arts. He has a background in comic books and graphic design, and teaches classes in storyboarding, animation, and comics art.

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