sense of place: before the opening

It’s only Wednesday, but my mind is set on Friday.

People always ask what I do in between exhibitions.  Right now, I am designing the new family gallery guide, planning activities for the Explore More buckets, and playing with ideas for this week’s TGIF: Free Friday event from 5-7pm.  Last month, we welcomed over 75 participants who thanked GRACE it was Friday, but we always have room for more!

Here are my ideas so far based on the theme “a sense of place”:

using model magic, craft a sculpture that represents you, your family, or your community;

create an accordion pop-up book that showcases a place you love;

and, using graph paper, map out your room, home, favorite travel destination, or imaginary place.

When you combine all these places, you will have created a sense of place of your very own.  Stop by on Friday from 5-7pm to try out these activities and add to our community mural and response wall.

The new exhibition, Emerging Visions: a sense of place, features the work of students from Herndon and South Lakes High Schools.  The work is inspiring and thoughtful, and the gallery staff, teachers, students, and volunteers are hard at work getting it installed.  Don’t miss the opening event on Saturday from 5-7pm.  All are welcome to attend.  See you later this week!

-Suzi Guardia, Director of Education



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