heidi neff brings fire and ice to GRACE

Late last summer I drove up to Bel Air, MD to see how Heidi Neff was coming along with her massive project, “Fire and Ice,” one of three Spring Focus shows opening at the end of this month. Here’s an image of Heidi and a colleague unwrapping the ninety-eight paintings that will become part of  her free-standing, two-room installation – one room devoted to “Fire” and the other to “Ice.”  The title was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem of the same name and refers to “…an apocalyptic vision of the present state of political divisiveness in the United States.” This is conceptually dense, visually dazzling art for poets, painting connosieurs, and political junkies alike.   Joanne Bauer

“Fire and Ice” ceiling C (Triumph of Fire) is one of two ceiling panels (96″ x 72″)

“Fire and Ice” wall A (Fire) shows one of six walls (96″ x 72″)


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