on location with andrew zimmermann

Yesterday,  Suzi Guardia and I drove over to a quiet cul de sac in Arlington for an inteview with Andrew Zimmermann about his upcoming focus exhibition at GRACE– Common Place.  (Watch the video below.) Andrew uses a large format view camera weighing forty  pounds to document the one mile area around his suburban home. Compared to a previous project where he hauled his camera up mountains in Colorado, this series is physically easy. What isn’t easy is Andrew’s  painstaking work in the darkroom. Each black and white contact print is treated like a painting where minute adjustments to texture, light, and composition are made with tiny watecolor brushes. That’s why it’s so difficult to see the relationship between the actual scene and the one in the photograph.  (Compare the two images below).

They may be the same place but Andrew’s silver gelatin photograph reveals the mystery and strangeness behind a typical suburban streetscape. Common Place opens on April 28. Don’t miss the reception  and gallery talk with this thoughtful young artist on Saturday, April30 from 5 – 7pm.

Joanne Bauer


One thought on “on location with andrew zimmermann

  1. Neat dynamic in composition and lighting. Can highlight the fear many suburbanites have with burgulars and mysterious people es.lurking outside their hom

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