BITE artist Jacqueline Levine turns gallery into studio

“What is that big, crazy thing at GRACE?” Folks on the street wondered what was going on as they watched Jacqueline Levine, in a whirlwind of activity,  transform the gallery into a full-blown sculpture studio. Invited by juror Jefferson Pinder to create a site-specific 3-D work with “angst,”  Jacqueline invented the wildly colorful and slightly menacing “Hollow.” She showed up with a huge crate of “eyeballs,” several eleven-foot  “arms,” two buckets of plaster, pails of paint, and her competent studio assistant, Will. Together they erected the arms to form a loose cage and filled it halfway with eyeballs. Jacqueline spent the rest of her time  slathering the form with paint and plaster. Now that  it is finished, “Hollow” looks like a cross between the carnivorous plant in “Little Shop of Horrors,” a Dubuffet sculpture, and one of Jacqueline’s own action-packed paintings. To learn about the thinking behind the work, watch the video interview. And, please join us at the reception on Saturday, June 25 from 5 – 7pm to meet all the artists and the juror.


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