Explore More! art at GRACE

It’s time again to bring your kids to Greater Reston Arts Center for Explore More! The program is open during gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday 11a-5p, and we are excited to have you come and view our newest exhibition; until every shape has found its city by Evan Reed. This exhibition comprises of six “impossible buildings” that reference reality but travel beyond into the realm of imagination. You and your kids will love walking around these complex sculptures and discussing the multiple viewpoints, skewed framing, walled-off rooms and disappearing passages; not to mention making their own art!  We have buckets full of fun projects including a Shadow Drawing where they can overlap shadows to create an imaginative composition, two projects building their own sculptures using Model Magic, pipe cleaners and other materials,  Keva Planks, a community mural where you can help us build a fantastical city, and more for them to explore their own interpretation of the exhibit. And, don’t miss your opportunity to hear the artist talk about his work at the opening reception and catalog signing on Saturday, October 15 from 5-7p. We hope to see you all soon in the gallery!


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