The Beginning

With two weeks left, we are getting ready to install Campaign Re/Form this week, and as you can tell the gallery is quite empty. The desks that are being used to stage our campaign office are old treasures hunted down by our two Hollys, Holly Bass and Holly McCullough. At the moment they are stacked in the back with an old type writer, and they don’t look like much, but shortly they will be an integral part of the exhibition. Today we are bringing in some black paint to get ready for Wilmer Wilson and Chuk Agubokwu’s installation, which will be mounted on one of our columns. The Airborne Leaflet Campaign was on display at the Corcoran this past weekend, and we will have a very similar version of it here at GRACE. Two printers programmed to print authoritarian text will be installed in the gallery, and both printers will continuously print leaflets of paper, which will slowly fall to the ground.

Empty for now
Desks for future campaign office

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