Get a Job

John Anderson is a DC-based artist, and one of our participating Campaign Re/Form artists. His project, Job Creation Project, is centered around a button maker which allows you to make your own job. Anderson has taken his project on the road several times, and goes into public spaces, the National Mall being one of them, where he offers visitors and passer byers a job (i.e a job button.) In 2010, Anderson was interviewed by the Washington City Paper, and says about his project, “There’s no clear course in how a job is created, it’s just a political argument that has been perpetuated for years…[Politicians] talk about making jobs and somehow it’s related to taxes—they’re going to tax part of the population more or less and jobs will blossom…I don’t understand how that works. I don’t think the average citizen understands how that works. Every time a politician says ‘I’m going to make a job,’ it’s a platitude, so this is without a platitude. But it’s something physical—you can walk away with it and say, ‘I have a job.” Anderson also mentions a specific day when he could not find childcare coverage for his young daughter, and as one would with many jobs, he had to take his daughter with him to hand out buttons. He says “After a while, she started taking jobs…She put one in her mouth. I had to take her job away.” Read the rest of the Washington City Paper article here. If you are tired of waiting and want a job now, Anderson responds on his website “It is suggested you remain patient. A JOB will soon come to you. You are also welcome to make your own JOB.” Read the rest of Andersons FAQ on his website.

Most recently, Anderson was part of Good Art/Bad Art, a panel discussion at the Hillyer Art Space, along with Bill Dunlap, critic for WETA, and Michael O’Sullivan, art and film critic for the Washington Post. We are very excited to have his project here at GRACE. Please come in a get a job.


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