The Braddock Project

George L. Smyth is currently showing two series of work at the Greater Reston Arts Center. The photographs below are from his series The Braddock Project, and two of these can be seen as part of a series of several photographs as part of Winter Solo Exhibitions: Beverly Ryan & George L. Smyth. The Braddock Project documents Braddock, Pennsylvania, a once-bustling small city suffering the collapse of the steel industry, and the menace of crack cocaine. As part of this project, Smyth has vowed to return to Braddock twice a year over the next decade, to document the process of the city’s resurgence.

Smyth has been a serious photographer since 1990, and uses alternative photographic processes such as pinhole and infrared. For this project he used a labor intensive process called the bromoil process, which simply put is a traditional darkroom print where the silver has been removed, and replaced with printer’s ink.





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