How Familiar the Stranger: Paintings by Morgan Craig

Philadelphia based painter Morgan Craig has traveled world wide to find his subjects; dilapidated and abandoned interior spaces, often portraying the ruins of urban dwellings, factories, asylums, and penitentiaries. He has found inspiration in a range of locations, from cities like Detroit to forbidden nuclear zones in Ukraine. Craig says about his work “While evidence of these pasts or present-day difficulties may not be pleasant, I feel it imperative that societies realize their impact on the past, present, and future concepts of identity and history.” Craig paints mainly with oil on linen, and the majority of his work is large scale, and sometimes stretches through several panels. The largest work included in this show is 72″x168″ and basically covers the whole back wall of the gallery. We’ve been busy getting this show installed the past two weeks, but we are very excited by the result. We have also installed new window panels in the gallery to be able to show more of his work. Come see the show and join us for the opening reception on April 18, 6-8pm. Morgan Craig will be present and will give an artist talk around 6.30 pm. How Familiar the Stranger: Paintings by Morgan Craig will be up April 11 – May 19.


Installing Morgan Craig
Unwrapped painting ready to go up on the wall
Window panels being constructed
Installing Morgan Craig

















Morgan Craig show ready for visitors

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