Curator’s Statement – LineWorks

Line-based glyphs and pictograms were among the earliest forms of communication. Wedges pressed into clay slabs, drawings on the walls of caves, and script writing all link our earliest ancestors to the creative process of conveying thoughts and information through linear images. Line-based drawing remains a critical component in the work of contemporary artists, who are expanding the definition of drawing itself, through the adaptation of innovative processes.

The intention of this exhibition is to illuminate that a variety of materials, having been manipulated and reconstructed by inspired artists, can in essence constitute drawing. Several of the selected artists choose to transform objects in space, while others prefer to create compositions on flat surfaces. Each of the works are highly detailed, labor intensive, and involve thoughtful reflection. In addition, the works’ also highlight how human brains retain and disseminate information. Although each artist is focusing on their personal story, collectively their works share a common thread in exploring how memories are formed, collected, and forgotten, and in utilizing drawing to document their experiences.

Erica Harrison
Associate Curator


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