Featured in LineWorks – Foon Sham

Internationally-renowned sculptor Foon Sham, who lives in Fairfax County and teaches sculpture at the University of Maryland, creates large meticulously-engineered structures. His approach to art making is one of a consummate commitment to quality and devotion to his materials.

Hatch b
Foon Sham, Hatch, hardwood and steel, 43” x 21” x 128”, 2004

Hatch is a 10-foot sculpture comprised of carved discs, fashioned from the cross sections of diverse trees. The discs are held in a graceful balance that could represent uplifted arms, the horns of an enormous ox, or a ship on the horizon.

Yew #1
Foon Sham, Yew, wood and pencil on paper, 16.375” x 23.375”, 2009

During a summer residency in Scotland in 2009, devoid of his usual tools and materials, Foon collected local wood samples and phone books as inspiration for a new series of drawings (see above). In these works the wood serves as a three dimensional component while the grain structure determines the direction of the compositional lines.

LineWorks: Drawing Redefined is on display at the Greater Reston Arts Center until January 3, 2014. Read more here.


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